ADHD & Me is the next step for parents to learn more information about ADHD and how it impacts their child and/or teen. See your child behind all the labels and judgments: "unmotivated, lazy, defiant, distracted, unfocused, and hyper". ADHD is so much more than that.

They have a lot of strengths too! But, you won't be able to see those strengths if you don't understand the diagnosis.


We will spend our time together learning the real deal behind the ADHD diagnosis and how it impacts the brain, behavior, emotions, thoughts, and academics. We will unpack the best and most helpful parenting and classroom strategies for these kids. These are often the hard to correct issues and behaviors (while reminding you to remain connected to your child). We will discuss the common parent mistakes and pitfalls: over-correction, over-punishing, and over-talking. You will learn it is never too late to change those mistakes. 


Most importantly, we will spend time answering your specific questions. You will get feedback and support from other parents. You will learn what the research and clinical practice says about how you can be more effective as a parent....minus the guilt. 


It's about discipline, not punishment. Relationship, not tyranny. Connection, not isolation. I hope you will join me!


Next Class: Thursday, September 26, 2019 @ 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Fee: $45 (per participant)

This will be out of pocket. Insurance will not be billed.

Advanced payment is required on PayPal to hold your spot. 



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