eBook: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this eBook for?

This eBook is for parents of children already diagnosed with ADHD; parents

who suspect their child has ADHD; and parents who are frustrated with their

child’s current behaviors either due to their ADHD diagnosis or behaviors

related to executive functioning dysregulation (which include the ability to

control behaviors and emotions, time management, and self-control).

What is the NUMBER ONE problem this eBook solves?

As a parent you want your child to behave well. You've tried everything and

nothing works. You want to better understand why your child is unfocused,

distracted, hyper, impulsive, and so dysregualated. You want to know what

to do to change these behaviors.  My eBook can make a dramatic difference

in helping.

How soon can I start seeing results with my child?

You can realistically notice a difference pretty quickly. The change won't start with their behavior, but in the way you approach your child, the way you interact with your child, which will then impact their behavior. It starts with you! That's the secret.

What are the alternatives to buying your eBook?

You can search for a child or pediatric psychologist in your area, make sure they take your insurance, hope that provider lives close enough to attend weekly sessions in order to see meaningful progress, and then hope the approach is holistic enough to address the issues at home, school, and beyond. Sessions individually range from 10 to 20 sessions, or more. You can figure it out yourself which can take several months to years as the behavior gets worse.

How does buying your eBook help me?

You will gain a comprehensive approach to addressing ADHD and other dysregulation issues (self-control of the child's thoughts, emotions, and behaviors). You will learn how to change your mind-set about the ADHD diagnosis, your child, and yourself as a parent. This shift will make a dramatic difference in your interactions with your child and his or her behaviors.

Why you?  How are you specially qualified to help me and my child?

I am a Pediatric Psychologist who is Board Certified in Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology. I have a private practice in San Antonio.  I specialize in the treatment of children, adolescents, and adults with acute and chronic behavioral health and medical conditions with 12 years of experience. I have worked in assessing ADHD in children through adults, provided behavioral health treatment, and consulted with schools and providers.

What do your parents & patients say about you?

"I hope this review helps to highlight how exceptional, skilled, and specialized the services are that you provide!"

"Dr. Lockhart has a comforting relaxed style that helps children and families easily voice their concerns in order to receive help."

"Such helpful and encouraging information. Wish we learned this information years ago."

What evidence backs up your eBook?

Research shows that children with ADHD and their parents who are able to integrate self-management skills for the child, effective parenting skills, and responsive classroom strategies will succeed and thrive in all areas of life. Their attitude and behaviors will improve and they will be less likely to develop chronic future emotional and behavioral problems.

How do I know your eBook can help me?

You might think there is no way things will change from reading this eBook. Not true. Having knowledge around the underlying reason for why your child behaves and thinks the way they do, will empower you to interact differently with your child. This will not only change your child's behaviors, but it will change the way you think about your child.

I just purchased my ebook and can't find it anywhere.

First, check your email's spam or junk mail folder. If you use Gmail, also your check your Social and Promotions tabs. Be sure to open the ebook on the device where you plan to read it. Also, save it in a folder that you can easily remember and access. Look out for an email from anewdaysa@gmail.com where you can download your ebook. If you have any further questions or run into problems, submit your inquiry on the form below.

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